Guided Imagery & Music



The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) was developed in the 1970’s by music therapist Dr. Helen Bonny and was inspired by Client-Centered, Jungian and Transpersonal theories. GIM is a gentle music-centered psychotherapy that allows one to access the inner wisdom of the body and explore different levels of consciousness for transformation and personal growth. One explores deep inner states and naturally arising imagery while listening to specially programmed classical music in a relaxed state with the support of a trained facilitator. Inner issues and conflicts can be brought to the consciousness so new insights and perspectives can be awakened that can lead to healing, growth and change.





• Heal past and current relationship issues

• Re-parent the inner child and develop secure attachment style

• Integrate and heal abuse & trauma

• Access positive resources & strengthen self-esteem

• Access experiences containing healing & spirituality

• Unleash & enhance creativity

• Work through grief & loss

• Express buried emotions

• Find clarity & improve problem solving

• Explore meaning & purpose in life


Grief Counselling



Grief due to the death of a loved one, a serious illness, divorce, job loss or other life change can be a difficult process to navigate alone. At times it can feel overwhelming and isolating. Connecting with a trained, caring and accepting professional can provide the companionship needed to help one find their way through the difficult journey of grief.





• Understand & normalize healthy grief responses

• Experience companionship as one finds their way

• Understand the tasks of grief

• Come to terms with the reality of ones loss

• Feel and express ones pain in a safe, trusting environment

• Learn to honor ones feelings and needs

• Remember and honor what one has lost

• Discover ones strengths and move forward

Sandplay & Expressive Art Therapy



Sandplay and drawing are non-verbal methods for children to give form to inner experiences, emotions and unconscious material. Since play and metaphor are a child’s language, their inner process can work more freely and imaginatively than in verbal communication. The sandtray provides a protected space where the child can create a world using miniature figurines and meaningful symbols to express and process issues.


Drawing worry dragons and other emotions can develop emotional literacy and help children to make friends with their big feelings.






• Develop emotional literacy

• Express feelings non-verbally

• Improve parent-child communication

• Develop resiliency skills


Mindfulness Practice



Noele is an experienced mediation instructor and offers a variety of mindfulness based practices to

strengthen the mind.






• Increased mindfulness in every day life

• Anxiety reduction

• Build anti-depressant brain

• Increase self compassion

• Increase awareness of emotional triggers

• Develop emotional self regulation


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