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Guided Imagery & Music

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) was developed in the 1970’s by music therapist Dr. Helen Bonny and was inspired by Consciousness Raising, Client-Centered, Jungian and Transpersonal theories.


GIM is a gentle music-centered psychotherapy that uses sequences of classical music to stimulate imagery and journeys into different levels of consciousness. Exploration of deep inner states facilitates the integration of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of well being for healing, transformation and growth.

In a session lasting up to 1.5 hours, you and your therapist discuss your current life situation, set goals for your work together, and establish a focus for the session. After a guided relaxation, you listen to music selected by the therapist to address the themes that arose. You verbalize the images including feelings, sensations, memories, and any awareness evoked by the music, allowing them to become a vehicle for exploring deep states of consciousness. Your therapist interacts verbally with you to help you develop and deepen your imagery experiences. At the close of the music, your therapist assists your return from the relaxed state, explores metaphors and reinforces your insights that arose during the exploration.


• Gain new perspectives on issues

• Access feelings of empowerment & confidence

• Heal past and current relationship issues

• Re-parent the inner child and develop secure attachment style

• Integrate and heal abuse & trauma

• Access positive resources & strengthen self-esteem

• Access experiences containing healing

• Receive transpersonal & spiritual inspiration

• Awaken creativity

• Work through grief & loss

• Express buried emotions

• Find clarity for problem solving & decision making

• Explore meaning & purpose in life

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Registered Clinical Counselor


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